Breast cancer treatment in IslamabadBreast cancer is a disease affecting hundreds and thousands of women, and it is the second most significant type of cancer that can be seen worldwide. Breast cancer can also affect men, but it is most common in women. Breast cancer occurs due to abnormal growth of cells in the ducts and lobule, which spreads outside the breast area through blood and lymph vessels, and this condition is also known as metastasis. But no need to worry now. Breast cancer treatment in Islamabad is best for people having any breast cancer.  

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer:

Some people can get breast cancer without showing any symptoms. But some can have the following symptoms, which is an alarming situation that you might have breast cancer:

  • If you have any lump in the underarm area
  • Change of colour of the skin over the breast
  • If you have pain around your breast area
  • If you have swelling around the breast
  • If there is an abnormal breast discharge
  • If there is an excessive irritation in the breast

If you have any of the above symptoms, consult an oncologist today to ensure that you are safe from breast cancer or have this disease.

Causes Of Breast Cancer:

The leading cause of breast cancer is abnormal cell growth in the breast area. There are also many other causes of breast cancer which are discussed below:

  • Overweight
  • Too much exposure to radiation
  • Overage increases the risk
  • Genetic and family history
  • Consuming alcohol and smoking too much
  •  If you have undergone hormonal replacement therapy

How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed?

Doctors use different techniques and tests to diagnose breast cancer. The doctor might also do a physical examination to check for any abnormality in the breast area. And he may take the following tests:

  • Breast Ultrasound (it will take pictures of tissues inside the breast)
  • Mammogram (it is an x-ray test that will determine abnormality in the breast area)
  • Biopsy 

In a biopsy, the tissues are removed from the breast area and observed under the microscope to test further.

  • Positron Emission tomography scanning
  • Magnetic Resonance imaging

Breast Cancer Treatments:

There are different breast cancer treatments in Islamabad, but it will depend on the patient’s condition, cancer stage, and hormonal changes in your body. You will have an initial consultation with the doctor in which he will determine which of the methods of treatment is best for you.


The surgery is of various kinds depending upon the area where the cancer is spread. The different surgeries are lumpectomy, mastectomy, radical mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy. In all these surgeries, the cancerous tissues are removed. You should take proper rest and medications after the surgery to recover in time.


Chemotherapy treatment is carried out to shrink the tumour cells. After breast cancer surgery, it is often carried out to eliminate any remaining cancerous cells. In chemotherapy, certain medicines are given to the patient to destroy the tumour cells, or sometimes injections are given. It depends upon the patient’s condition.

Radiation Therapy

High energy x-rays are passed during radiation therapy to kill the cancerous cells. It is usually given after mastectomy to destroy the remaining tumour cells. This treatment is given to the patient when he is at an early stage of cancer or when the tumour has started growing and spreading to other areas. 

Hormonal Therapy

Some hormones increase the chances of spreading breast cancer, such as progesterone and estrogen. The doctor will diagnose if hormones cause breast cancer, and then he will prefer hormonal therapy for you. During this treatment, the doctor gives medicines that lower these hormones’ production or restrain these hormones from attaching to cancerous cells. The doctor can also provide this therapy after the surgery to reduce the chance of breast cancer again.


Immunology is often combined with chemotherapy as the name indicates that this therapy uses the body’s immune system to invade the cancer cells or reduce breast cancer’s side effects. Certain medicines are given intravenously to strengthen your immune system to fight against the disease. 

Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer:

There are specific ways if you follow them, then you will be at a lower risk of getting breast cancer. Some of them are:

  • You should maintain a stable weight
  • you should exercise regularly
  • Avoid taking oral contraceptives, or ask your doctor before taking it
  • If you have a family history of having breast cancer, ask your doctor about lowering the risk of breast cancer.’

Results Of The Treatment:

There is a very high chance of survival when breast cancer is at its early stages, and breast cancer treatment results in Islamabad are guaranteed. As metastasis cancer is dangerous, it spreads and invades other tissues, resulting in a lower survival rate if diagnosed. So if you have any of the above signs or symptoms, get checked by an oncologist to ensure that breast cancer is diagnosed earlier. The treatment is started earlier to avoid any situation that is not good for you. 

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