Lip fillers in islamabad PakistanLip fillers are also known as lip enlargement or lip augmentation procedures. Nowadays, it is the most demanding cosmetic procedure because people want to look perfect, as lips are a vital feature in defining the anatomy of the face. Everyone wants perfect, fuller lips, which is now possible with lip fillers in Islamabad Pakistan. Lip fillers are considered a safe procedure because it is less invasive.

These fillers will add volume to the lips giving them a plumper and fuller look.


There are many benefits of lip fillers. Some of them are given below:

  • It restores the shape of the lips, thus giving a more defined look.
  • There is no downtime or any severe side effect after having lip fillers
  • It will improve your facial appearance
  • It will provide a facial symmetry and a more beautiful smile
  • It will also boost your confidence
  • You will get instant results
  • It is a safe and less painful procedure
  • It will help you achieve your beauty goals


The results of lip fillers are natural and last up to 5 to 6 months. These will also soften the wrinkles around the lips. You will get fuller and plumper lips; if you want the results to be long-lasting, avoid exposure to direct sunlight after the treatment. Although the results are temporary, you might need another session of lip filler to maintain the results.

Ideal Candidates For Lip Fillers:

Before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, our doctors will examine you to determine if you are an ideal candidate or not. You are a perfect candidate for lip fillers in Islamabad if:

  • You have thin lips
  • You want your lips to be well defined
  • The volume of your lips has reduced overtime
  • You have enough skin elasticity
  • You have realistic expectations about the results
  • You are above 18 and physically and mentally healthy.

Pre-Procedure Guidelines:

Before the lip fillers treatment, you will have an initial consultation with the surgeon in which he will ask about your medical history and specific questions regarding your health. He will also give you some pre-procedural guidelines which you must follow to achieve the best results without any complications. If you are a smoker, he will advise you to stop smoking 1 or 2 weeks before the treatment, and you should also stop taking blood thinners medicines. During this initial consultation, he will also ask about your preferences related to your lip’s shape. He might also take pictures of the lips to see the difference after the fillers.


The procedure is quite simple as the fillers are injected into the lips under local anaesthesia, and the patient is allowed to go home after the treatment. The treatment may take from minutes to hours, depending upon the doctor’s skill and the patient’s lip condition.

Types Of Fillers:

There are different types of fillers used at Estheticare depending upon the patient’s demand. Such as

  • Dermal fillers
  • Collagen fillers
  • Fat Injections
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers 
  • Silicone injections

The doctor can use any lip filler depending upon your required results.


The recovery period is concise after lip fillers. It takes about a week to recover fully. After the procedure, you might notice pain and slight swelling, which will subside in 1 or 2 days. You can also experience tightened lips, but it will be temporary.

To avoid pain or discomfort, you can take the prescribed pain killer.

Side Effects:

There are certain risks or side effects if not performed by a skilled surgeon or if you will not take proper care after the treatment. Some of the risks are:

  • Swelling
  • Unexpected results
  • Excess
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin sensations

Cost Of Lip Fillers:

The Cost of lip fillers in Islamabad Pakistan depends on the type of fillers used and the surgeon’s fees. The surgeon will have an initial consultation with you and determine the exact cost of the fillers.

Book An Appointment:

If you are willing to get lip fillers to enhance your facial features and want a plumper and fuller look, book an appointment with the best plastic surgeon. We will give you guaranteed and natural results, which you will love.