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Many people want to have a perfect and bright smile, but some factors such as yellow teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth, and many other issues cause unhealthy oral hygiene and a bad smile impression. As dental care is a personal choice, some people drink excess coffee or tea. Some have genetically crooked teeth or misaligned teeth. But no need to worry now your all oral concerns can be treated by the Best Dental Clinic in Islamabad Pakistan.

We have dentists that specialize in cosmetic, pediatric, and general dentistry. Our dentists are highly committed to providing you with the best dental services with desired results. All the clinic staff is friendly and makes patients comfortable with them. You will get an amazing smile after getting dental services from Estheticare.

Dental Services Provided In Our Clinic:

Following are the dental services provided by us:

  • Teeth Whitening:

People have discolored teeth due to excess drinking, bad lifestyle habits, and hereditary factors. These people have lowered self-esteem, and they try to hide their smiles. But no need to worry; you can get whiter and sparkle smiles after 3 to 4 sessions of teeth whitening treatment. We have a variety of treatments for teeth whitening so that you can select according to your personal goals or choice.

  • Pediatric Dentistry:

Pediatric dentistry specializes in dealing with children’s oral health. They are different from other types of dentistry because the dentist only deals with infants’ and teens’ oral health. They ensure that treatment is done in a friendly environment and quickly provide desired results.

  • Root Canal:

When the tooth is badly or fully decayed, the dentist tries to save it by root canal treatment instead of removing it. During the treatment procedure, the dentist removes the infected pulp and nerves. Then the vacant space is filled with a dental filling, and afterward, the tooth is covered with a crown. It is the most effective way to save teeth.

  • Laser Dentistry:

Laser dentistry is the safest and pain-free method to treat your dental issues. It is more costly than general dentistry. In laser dental treatment, a ray of laser light is used for performing dental procedures more precisely.

  • Smile Makeover:

A smile makeover is also referred to as a Hollywood smile makeover. It is not a single treatment, but it is a combination of dental treatments such as teeth whitening, gum contouring, dental fillings, and many more, depending upon the condition of your teeth. After getting a smile makeover, you will get a million-dollar smile.

  • Dental Implants:

If you have missing teeth or your tooth is damaged due to injury, opt for the placement of dental implants in Islamabad. The dental implant will last for a lifetime if you take proper care of your teeth by brushing or flossing them.

  • Dental Filling:

Tooth decay or cavities are caused by inadequate oral hygiene. But if someone has got cavities or holes in their teeth, it can be treated by dental fillings. There are different dental fillings, such as porcelain, amalgam, gold, and composite. You can choose the types according to your choice. The dental fillings can last permanently if you brush regularly after dental filling treatment.

  • Gum Contouring:

People can have a gummy or uneven smile due to genetic factors. Don’t worry; you can boost your confidence with gum contouring. During the procedure, the gums are reshaped by scalpel or laser. It is a bit of a painful procedure, but our dentist ensures that the whole treatment is comfortable.

  • Dental Braces:

Many people have misaligned, crooked or overcrowded teeth, which causes bite problems and smiling issues. Dental braces can resolve these issues. These braces will slowly straighten your teeth. There are different dental braces, such as metal, ceramics, lingual, and Invisalign braces. You can choose any type of braces depending on your personal choice.

  • Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers are used for discolored, misaligned, or broken teeth. Dental veneers change the shape, size, and color of the teeth. Porcelain veneers are used mostly by the dentist. You can choose the type of dental veneers for your teeth after an initial consultation with the doctor. After having dental veneers, your appearance will improve instantly. The dental veneers last for 5 to 8 years. After this time, you have to replace the veneers to avoid infection.

  • Teeth scaling and polishing:

Plaque and calculus can develop on the tooth surfaces, which increases the risk of gum diseases. For this removal of plaque and tartar teeth scaling is used. It will clean the teeth with the help of a scaler with vibrational motion. It is a painless procedure, but the dentist will use the sedation during the process if you feel it. After scaling, polishing removes the stains and makes teeth smoother. Teeth scaling and polishing does not whiten your teeth; it will only remove the calculus and tartar.


Estheticare, the Best Dental Clinic in Islamabad Pakistan, provides the best guaranteed and long-lasting results to our patients. The results may differ for every person and depend upon the type of dental treatment performed. The dentist also takes before and after pictures to satisfy their patients. Our dentist also guides the patients about the kind of treatment suitable for them to achieve the best results.

Cost Of Dental Procedures

The cost for getting treated in the best dental clinic in Islamabad varies depending upon the type of teeth, the condition of the patient’s teeth, and dentist fees. The dentist determines the exact cost after having an initial consultation.

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