Hair Loss treatment in Islamabad PakistanHair is an essential thing in giving you a good appearance. With good hair, you feel more confident. You cannot make a good hairstyle with hair loss problems. To tackle all your hair fall issues, Hair Loss treatment in Islamabad Pakistan is best for you. Hair fall is the leading cause of depression for many people. Hair loss is a severe problem, and it should be treated as soon as possible.

Many people suffering from hair loss use medicated shampoos and different oils to control hair fall, but that is not the permanent solution. Estheticare has the best surgeons to treat your hair loss problem permanently.

What Causes Hair Fall?

There are many reasons for hair fall among people of different ages. These include:

  • A common cause of hair loss is stress.
  • It can be due to genetic problems.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Any family history.
  • Due to vitamin deficiency.
  • Overuse of hair styling tools.
  • Weight loss.
  • Inappropriate handling of hair.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Using products containing chemicals.
  • Unhealthy Diet.
  • Brushing wet hair too much.
  • Having severe medical condition.

Symptoms Of Hair Fall 

If you start noticing any of the following symptoms regarding your hair, then you need a hair loss treatment in Islamabad.

  • Your hair has started thinning.
  • You are losing 100 strands of hair in a day.
  • Complete baldness.
  • Small patches are seen on the head.

Treatments For Hair Loss

There are different treatments in Islamabad for hair loss that will treat your hair fall permanently. The trichologist will examine your scalp and suggest the treatment type depending upon the extent of hair fall. Following are the treatments offered by Estheticare

  • Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is best for people suffering from baldness or patches on their heads. In this treatment, the surgeon will extract hair follicles from the back of the head and will implant the hair grafts on the treatment area. The results of hair transplant treatment are long-lasting and permanent. Two techniques are used for hair transplantation FUE and FUT.

  • Mesotherapy

People who are facing hair loss can benefit from mesotherapy. In this treatment, an injection containing vitamins and minerals are injected into the skin layer, which will result in fast hair growth and scalp development. Mesotherapy can treat many hair problems. The doctors decide the amount and type of vitamins and minerals according to the patient’s requirement.

  • Laser Therapy

In our clinic, we have FDA approved laser devices to treat hair loss. This treatment is best for people at the initial stage of hair fall. Laser therapy will help in hair rejuvenation.

  • PRP treatment

PRP is the best non-surgical procedure for hair loss. In PRP treatment, platelets rich plasma is injected into the scalp for controlling hair loss. The purpose of PRP is to increase the supply of blood in the scalp. The surgeon prepares the PRP injection, the blood is taken from the patient’s arm and is ready in a centrifuge machine which separates the blood with more platelets. After 1 to 2 weeks of PRP treatment, you will notice the difference in your hair growth.

Ideal Candidate For Hair Loss Treatment

If you lose more than 100 hairs a day, you face a hair loss problem. There are many causes of hair loss, but you should be an ideal candidate for Hair Loss treatment in Islamabad Pakistan. You are the right candidate if you suffer from hair loss or want denser and thicker hair. You are realistic about the results of hair loss treatment.

Results Of Hair Loss Treatment

You will start seeing hair loss treatment results after one or two weeks. You can get voluminous hairs and regain your confidence. Hair shedding will be reduced. The hair loss treatment results are long-lasting, and it also depends upon how you will carry your hair.

Benefits Of Hair Loss Treatment

You can get many benefits of a hair loss treatment. These include:

  • You will regain your confidence.
  • The results are long-lasting.
  • You get thicker hair.
  • You can get your hair back at an affordable cost.
  • These treatments have a fast recovery.
  • You will get a more appealing look.
  • These treatments have a high success rate.


The cost of Hair Loss treatment in Islamabad Pakistan is between 50,000 PKR to 150,000 PKR. The price also depends upon the doctor’s fees, the type of treatment needed for your hair and the clinic’s location. If You are willing to know the exact cost, consult our team.


If you want to know more about hair loss treatment or want to regain your hair, book a consultation now. We have the best doctors that will treat your hair loss problems.