Birth Defects are usually seen after the child’s birth or before the child’s birth. It can be any abnormality in a newborn baby. The anomaly can disturb the physical or the internal structure of the baby. But no need to worry now because these defects can be treated by birth defects treatment in Islamabad. With the advancement of technology, congenital disabilities are diagnosed early before the child’s birth. Thus the treatment is carried out to cure the disease according to the abnormality in the body.

Structural And Functional Defects:

These defects are categorized into two types such as structural and functional defects. Structural defects affect body parts such as limbs, spinal cord or lips, or any undeveloped body domain. At the same time, functional defects are the abnormalities that affect the proper functioning of the body. Such sensory organs and the body’s neurological system do not work properly.

Diagnosis Of Birth Defects:

Congenital disabilities can be diagnosed earlier by different methods, which help the doctor treat the disorders. Some of the types are:

  • Ultrasound
  • Blood testing
  • Amniocentesis
  • Maternal serum screen
  • Fetal MRI

These tests are performed before the baby’s delivery after the baby is born physical examination of the baby to determine if they have any congenital disability.

Causes Of Birth Defects:

Congenital disabilities can be caused due to genetic, environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle of a person, lack of proper nutrition in the body or taking alcohol and any other types of drugs during the pregnancy. There are many different causes, but they are still unknown.

Different Types Of Birth Defects:

Different types of birth defects are more commonly seen. Some of them are discussed below:

Duodenal Atresia

Babies having duodenal atresia have an intestinal blockage, making it difficult to pass any fluid or milk from the body. 

Cleft Lip or palate

It is the fourth most common congenital disability in which there is an opening in the roof of the mouth or there is a split in the upper area of the lips. This defect is diagnosed and treated after the birth of the baby.

Heart Diseases

Newborn babies can also have heart diseases that develop due to many factors, such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, ventricular septal defect and many others. Heart disease disturbs the normal flow of blood in the body. Some heart defects can be pretty severe, and babies have fewer chances of surviving.

Limbs Defect

Limbs impairment is the most common congenital disability in newborns whose hands and feet are not working properly. These defects can also relate to missing fingers or extra fingers. Club foot is also a limb defect in which the foot points inward.

Cystic Fibrosis

This defect affects the lungs and digestive system of the baby in which he cannot breathe and digest food or milk properly.

Treatment options:

There are certain birth defects treatments in Islamabad that can help cure congenital disabilities.

  • Surgeries

Different types of surgeries are performed to treat the affected organ of the body. It can also remove the physical birth defects up to a certain level. The surgery can also be done with other types of treatment to achieve the desired results. A baby with a cleft palate or any heart disease can undergo surgery. This type of treatment is performed after the birth of the baby.

  • Medications

Certain diseases the doctor diagnoses before the baby’s birth are also treated with certain medications. Certain medicines are prescribed to the mother to treat the baby’s abnormality, such as prenatal vitamins or capsules used to develop the undeveloped body part of the baby or to treat the nutritional deficiency of the baby.

  • Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is done to replace defective genes. It will resolve any mutation problem causing issues in the normal development of the body. Gene therapy can treat a variety of defects, including mild and severe.

  • Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Enzyme replacement therapy treats hereditary illnesses. The enzyme is given to the patient during the treatment procedure, which is not usually produced by the body. It treats Gaucher’s disease and lysosomal storage disease.


The results of the birth defect treatment in Islamabad vary from person to person. Many diseases can be cured entirely, such as cleft palate or any extra digits in the hands. But some conditions are life-threatening and can reduce the lifespan of the baby.

Ways To Prevent Birth Defects:

There are specific ways to prevent congenital disabilities. The gynecologist and doctors have given some basic preventive measures. Some of them are:

  • Mother should take proper vitamins, minerals and proteins during the pregnancy period.
  • Mothers should avoid alcohol and drugs during and after pregnancy.
  • Certain vaccines are given to the mother to avoid any congenital disability.
  • Mothers should maintain ideal body weight to avoid diabetes, or if you have any disease before then, you should take proper care of your diet.
  • The mother should avoid radiation and additional medicines other than the prescribed ones.

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