What is Lipoma?

Lipoma is a skin disease developed due to the accumulation of fatty tissues underneath the skin. Lipoma is commonly seen among people. Lipoma can be harmful if they are growing too fast. Some develop more than one lipoma, which is seen among middle-aged people. The dermatologist may recommend lipoma treatment in Islamabad if the lipoma is bothering you or you feel pain in the abnormal cells (lipoma).

Symptoms of Lipoma:

Many people don’t notice that they have lipoma developed under the skin. Symptoms of lipoma are:

  • You can feel the accumulation of cells that are soft and moveable
  • They are colorless
  • Growing slowly over the years
  • The rubbery tissues are symmetrical
  • You may feel pain if blood vessels are passing on that area of the skin

Causes of Lipoma:

Some people may develop lipoma due to genetic causes or after having an injury. The exact reason is still unknown. certain conditions can cause lipoma:

  • Dercum’s disease

This disease can cause painful lipoma growth on arms, legs, and trunk.

  • Gardner Syndrome 

This syndrome can cause health issues and lipoma.

  • Hereditary multiple lipomatosis

These lipomas are inherited. About 2 to 3 percent of people develop lipoma by inheritance.

  • Madelung’s disease

Due to this disease, lipoma develops around the neck and shoulder. And Madelung’s disease is caused by drinking excessive alcohol.


Lipoma can be diagnosed by a physical examination by a dermatologist. He will touch the lipoma to check if it is painful or not. A biopsy is also performed to check whether lipoma is cancerous or not. During the biopsy, a small number of tissues are removed from the treatment site and sent to the laboratory for further testing. If the lipoma is suspected of a cancerous cell, then further MRI and CT scan is performed to get a clearer picture.

Areas where Lipoma Grows:

A lipoma can appear on any area of the part. Many people can have more than one lipoma of different body regions. Lipoma can be seen on the muscles and internal organs. Lipoma can grow on:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • shoulder
  • Trunk 
  • Forehead
  • Abdomen
  • thighs


Generally, there is no need to treat lipoma, but If a lipoma is bothering you, the doctor will recommend you undergo lipoma treatment in Islamabad. At Estheticare, we have different treatments to get rid of lipoma. The lipoma treatment type will be selected based on the number and size of the lipoma. Following are some methods for lipoma treatment.

  • Minimal Excision Extraction

Lipomas that are growing continuously can be removed by a bit of surgery. Local anesthesia is injected on the treatment site, and the lump is extracted. Afterward, the site is stitched. You can face minimal scarring or bruising after the procedure, but that will fade away with time. The results of this treatment are permanent. Once the lipoma is removed by surgery, it will never grow back. But you should ensure that an expert surgeon performs the surgery.

  • Liposuction

Liposuction is also used to treat lipoma. During the procedure, anesthesia is used to numb the treatment site. A needle and syringe are used to extract the fatty lump. There are significantly fewer chances of getting lipoma back after liposuction. 

  • Steroids Injections

Steroid injections are used to reduce the size of the lump. This method is less effective than other treatment methods because it will only shrink the lipoma and not eliminate it like surgery.

Recovery After Lipoma Treatment:

The recovery time after lipoma treatment is about a week. It also depends upon the size and location of the treatment site. If a patient has more natural healing power, he can recover more rapidly. If you want to recover with less downtime, follow all the instructions given by your doctor properly.


The results of lipoma treatment are permanent. Once the lump is removed, it will not grow back. For the best results, choose the best surgeon in Islamabad.

Cost Of Lipoma Treatment 

The cost of lipoma treatment in Islamabad depends on the method used, surgeon’s fees, and the treatment site. The doctor will determine the exact price after having an initial consultation with the patient.

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