Many people are not happy with the shape of their ears, or they have protruding ears, or their form has changed due to some injury. Then ear surgery in Islamabad is for you. This surgery will give you the perfect shape and will provide you with confidence about your looks.

What Is Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery is also known as otoplasty. It is a cosmetic procedure that will alter the ear shape by reshaping the cartilages of the ears and moving them back to their desired place.

Ear surgery is an effective surgical procedure that will bring perfection in the shape of the ears. After getting ear surgery, you will look more beautiful, and you can make any hairstyle without looking horrible. Our surgeons try their best to treat all ears’ deformities and give you the ear shape according to your face shape.

Aim Of The Ear Surgery

The main aims of ear surgery are to:

  • Treat protruding ears
  • Treat oversized ears.
  • To correct deformities of the ear.
  • To give you a more confident and beautiful look.

Who Is The Candidate For Ear Surgery?

You should consult the surgeon to determine if ear surgery is good for you. Because this surgery will give permanent changes to the ear’s shape. For ear surgery or otoplasty, you must be an ideal candidate. you are the right candidate if:

  • You have realistic expectations about the outcomes
  • Age must be between 5 to 13; doctors don’t suggest this surgery after 18.
  • You are born with large-sized ears.
  • You are not satisfied with the shape of your ears.
  • You can’t choose your desired hairstyle due to the shape of your ears.
  • When you are teased and pointed out by your friends for not having perfect ears. 

Procedure Of Ear Surgery

Ear surgery is not a complicated surgical procedure. There are many techniques used for reshaping the ear. Our surgeon will decide which method is best for you. Local anaesthesia is used at the start of the procedure to avoid any pain. After that, an incision is made at the back of the ear, then the surgeon will make necessary adjustments and sutures the skin, which will hold the cartilage in the new position.

A highly-skilled surgeon in our clinic performs ear surgery. After the surgery, the doctor will close the cuts with stitches and cover the treated area with a bandage.

Recovery After Ear Surgery

The recovery period of this surgical procedure is very short. After surgery, if you follow all the doctor’s instructions carefully, you will heal more quickly. After the surgery, you might feel mild pain and swelling, but these side effects will disappear after some time. You should avoid doing the strenuous workout as it will significantly impact the healing process. After one to two weeks, you may continue your daily activities.


You will start seeing the results of ear surgery after the bandage is removed. Ear surgery gives you impressive and permanent results. After a single surgery, you will notice massive results. At Estheticare, we have performed many ear surgeries, and patients get fully satisfied with the results. 


Following are some benefits you will get after ear surgery:

  • You can face everyone without any fear.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It gives you quicker and more permanent results
  • It will reduce genetic deformities related to the ear.
  • Ear surgery improves your self-confidence.
  • Your social anxiety will end.
  • You will not feel embarrassed anymore.

Risks Associated With Ear Surgery

As it is a surgical procedure, it has minor side effects. There are some risks associated with otoplasty. These are:

  • Sensational changes
  • Pain which painkillers can avoid
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Scarring
  • Poor wound healing
  • Infections

These risks are seen rarely among people. If you do not want all these risks, then choose the best surgeon in Islamabad for Ear surgery.

Cost Of Ear Surgery

The cost of ear surgery in Islamabad varies depending upon the surgeon fees, clinic location, and the type of technique used. The price usually ranges between 50,000 PKR to 100,000 PKR. 

Consult The Best Surgeon

Are you looking to transform your look with ear surgery? Consult the best surgeons today. We have the best surgeon who will restore your confidence and help you achieve your desired goals. After ear surgery, you will be amazed by the results.